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Thursday, December 1, 2016

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 103++++ Zone Moratlis table part 1

A project I've wanted to take on for a while now is to build  Zone Mortalis table.  I looked into a number of different options for how best to go about it, in the end I stumbled upon a particularly awesome set of products over at  They sell molds of modular terrain components you then cast copies of and use like legos to build your own terrain.

A week later and my 11 molds arrived.  The rubber is really high quality, good tensile strength and very durable.  It also came with some great tips on maintenance and storage which will be quite helpful for newbies.
They recommend that people use Plaster of Paris or Dental Plaster with the molds, I decided to cast the parts in resin because its what I have and is much more durable and workable.

Pouring the first batch took over an hour as I was using pipettes to precisely fill each mold.  This way I don't have to waste time cleaning them up afterwards and I don't waste material.  Now I've gotten the pouring down to about 50 minutes, and the molds take just over 600ml of resin to be fully filled.


I picked up most of their Sci-fi range, though I should have gotten the wall mold in hindsight.  When I first saw the mold's parts I wasn't impressed, then I explored their forums and found some amazing spacehulk tables others had made and I've regretted that mistake.  The parts require virtually no clean up at all when you demold them, again this is an awesome product.

Here's the first corridor I've built.  It took about 5 hours all told, a lot of that was spent getting the hang of the parts and how they interact, things got a lot faster and easier as they went along.  The off color piece is a mechanicus reactor bit I had molded a while ago from my Triaros Armored conveyor.

Here's the opposite wall, I'll leave it off for painting purposes.

Here is the full corridor.

And with some minis for scale.  The original designs I've seen have thinner corridoer, but making them wider allows for so much in the ways of cool doodads jutting out from the walls.

I decided to add details to the outsides of the corridors as well.  I actually am planning to make crawl space pieces allowing for corridors to be interconnected in even more ways.

One last thing, I had been concerned originally that I would need to glue these things onto a baseplate of some sort to keep them from breaking.  As it turns out they are extremely durable and hold together just fine on their own.