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Sunday, April 29, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 022++++ Why no updates?

So I know I've been afk for a while, quick rundowns of why. I've just spent two weeks finishing my post deployment training with the national guard, been in school full time, had to make up for missing a week of shook or the national guard, and gone to a bodybuilding competition (My other hobby, was cheering on a friend).

Now things are starting to settle back down an I should finally have time for modelin projects. Things to be in the lookout for:

-more chaos heretics and truescale marines
-a converted war altar for my empire
-some conversion bits for space marines.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 021++++ Empire early test results

First off sorry for no posts of late. I've had little time to devote to modeling since working a crappy 60+ hour a week job and now going to school. Things are settling down here agaij though so more posts upcoming. Ok now for the actual post. I've been playing empire for the last two years and I've enjoyed them a lot in 8th, they were a great army. They were of course a lot of units which were not viable, largely from being too expensive and just from how things changed in 8th. Now we have a new book and after my first three games with it I can't help but feel that we are considerably weaker now for it. So here's a quick pros and cons review. The negatives can be summed up as: -Everything is more expensive save characters. While its great that my priests cos 25 points less and are better it's not creat that virtually everything else in the book costs 1-2 points more. I pointed up my old 2400 point list, it's 2850 now... -Key things were nerfed, and I don't mean the steam tanks. Mortars are worse and more expensive. The cost the same and are the same strength as the no save catapult skaven have. -Detachments are mostly worse. With the one exception of detachment sharing special rules with their parent unit the system is even less effective then it was before. Oh and no more support charges. The good: -heros are way better, hold the line is great and priests are amazing now. -flagellants are better, and no unit cap. -witch hunters are back an great. I have snipered a vampire lord to death do far, it was great. -the rare war machines actually work now. So how does the army fight? So far empire seems to have all it's old issues of weak units, just those units are now considerably over costed. So far I've found that my units no longer hand the force to actually win fights, I'll keep practicing and see what I come up with, perhaps I can mak these guys work.