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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 020++++ 4 days to Templecon

First off, sorry for the lack of updates of late.  Between starting a new job and prepping for Templecon I have had to put most of my projects on hold for the moment.

We are currently at T minus 4 days and counting down quick till Templecon kicks off.  I'm going to be playing in the two day fantasy Grand tournament, its been ten years since I last played in a GT (And yes I'm only 26.) so this should be a blast.  The one downside is that all armies must be fully painted (3 color standard), so I have 4 days to fit in getting 130 models up to standard!!!  So far I'm on track to get it done, and I'll probably post some pictures as I go.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 019++++ WIP Upcoming project

So here is an in progress first look at an upcoming project I'm doing for a company.  This guy is just the test model so far, actually he's the first 100% sculpted from scratch model that I've done in about two years, coming along pretty well so far.

Monday, January 9, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 018++++ WIP Chaos Ogryns

Ok just a small update for now, I'd like to say that I've been busy for the last week but in truth I've just been playing a real lot of Shogun 2, Holy Crap is that an addictive strategy game!!!  Very challenging as well, though multiplayer play makes it WAY harder still as the comp is often dumb with its battle tactics.

That aside, here is a sneak peak at my upcoming chaos ogryns for my Lost and the Damned army.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 017++++ Khemrian Giant Conversion

Ok, here is a teaser for an upcoming article I'll be doing for Bell of Lost Souls about my Khemrian Giant conversion.

Monday, January 2, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 016++++ Work In Progress: True Scale Chaos Lord

Here is the chaos lord that I'm working on for my traitor guard army. He'll be used with Straken's rules, given that straken is just about the exact same thing as a 3.5 edition Chaos Lord with a dark blade, combi-plasma, and daemonic Aura. Legion affiliation will be word bearers, but I haven't gotten around to putting any iconography on him.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 015++++ Chaos Heretics 2

Ok, so now that a few weeks have gone by I've finally managed to finish the first twenty heretics for my new traitor IG army.  They are split about half and half between close combat oriented and shooting oriented dudes.

The main new things of note at this stage are:
1. I've started putting rebreathers on about half of them.  Its actually an easy sculpting step and it dramatically increases the number of heads that I can use, as all I really need are the eyes.
2. As I don't like the poses of the chaos renegade militia weapon arms I did a repose on just about all of them.  So an entirely excessive amount of pinning later my guys look like they actually have some idea how to hold their weapons.

Ok, with no further ado I give you, the first twenty:

Trying something new, if you want to see them up close and from different angles, click here and check out the full gallery:

As always comments are welcome.