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Sunday, October 9, 2016


I've been chugging along on my scratchbuilt Ork Fleet over the last week and I've made quite a lot of progress. The Kill Kroozer and Basha Light Kroozer from last week have now been joined by a Terror Ship (Horrible name, I call it a Karrier), 5 Slaughter escorts, 4 Onslaught escorts, and 5 Brute Rams.

These conversions are really fun and they move pretty fast, almost makes me want to play orks in 40k. Anyways onto the pictures (there's a bunch...)

The Karrier

Thursday, October 6, 2016

++++Inloading Data file 101++++ BFG Ork Scratchbuilds

Recently I've gotten some of the local guys interested in Battlefleet Gothic so I've been working on completing my two scratchbuild fleets. I loved this game when I was in college and I still had a sizeable Imperial Fleet, but a few years back for fun I started working on a Tyranid Hive Fleet made from spare parts and with an originally sculpted Hiveship. As one of the local guys is an Ork player I promised to build an Ork Fleet from scratch. It's been a fun challenge so far, here are the first two completed ships.

 Ork Kill Kroozer

Ork Basha Light Kroozer

I've also made over a dozen escorts, I'll post pictures of them soon. Unfortunately I've run out of Ork bits (I don't play them myself) so I'll need to ask around to see if anyone has some they don't need. I'm about halfway finished with another Kroozer, this one is turning out to be huge though so I'll probably make it a Battleship. 

More to come on these guys and my hive fleet soon.