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Friday, October 4, 2013

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 034++++ Lots of Random Update

So the reason for the dearth of updates of late is that I don't have internet at my new place yet and have gone way over on my cellphones data plan this month as a result. Gonna fix that next week, then I'll get through the backlog of things I've been meaning to post.

So that said here are some quick shots if things I've been working of recently.

I apologize for the low resolution thumbnails here, it's the best my phone does. Click on them for the full sized high def shit.

Marneus Calgar resculpt:

So my buddy Sean plays Ultramarines and his birthday just came and went this month. We've both always complained about the crappy pose of the current Calgar model, as well as it's being sized to the old metal termies. So I decided that I'd make him a new one in a badass pose and true scaled (Hes supposed to be a giant of a marine anyways.).

Here are the early test fit pics, honestly it was surprisingly fast getting him to this point.

Obviously this still needs a ton of work, but the basic shapes are there.

Parting shot:

Sisters of Battle:

My girlfriend Caitlin is quite awesome overall, and when I showed her warhammer she thought it looked cool and wondered if there were any models of girls.

Fast forward a month and I now have the beginnings of a SoB army for her to play around with.

HOLY CRAP these are overpriced by GW right now, but $80 on eBay got me a cannoness, ten sisters with a superior, some flamers and a squad of seraphim.

These were all abominably painted to start with, so I had to strip 'em (pun intended).

I used this stuff:

Here's what they looked like when I started.

They are all fully stripped now and we are going to start painting them this weekend.

Here is our concept for a paint scheme:

And I also have started working on a character model for her based off of a cool anima model I picked up some years ago, again early stages here.

She's psyched too that there is a new book coming out later this month right around her birthday. Yeah, the universe wants this to happen.

Other Stuff:

So I'm working on organizing and sorting all my bitz again, I figure that these will see it done:

Lastly I realized I've never put up a picture of my full Chaos Space Marine army yet, so here is one from two weeks ago:

My legion grows.