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Thursday, August 5, 2010

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 003++++ Imperial Battlesuits Pt1

Here are some pics of my latest project, "battlesuits" for my Imperial Guard army. I've been debating on whether to use them as ogryns or sentinals, but I can do both if I make the bases interchangeable :) The base of the model comes from some old Heavy Gear models, its basically the anime version of battletech, which looked awesome when I saw them. 4 hours after seeing them I had the basics of the conversion made and I plan to make 6-8 more of them. The theme appearance wise is to make them look a bit like the suits from Avatar, but really they just sort of built themselves. The gun is based upon the weapons used by landmates from Appleseed the movie (first one) and was made by cutting lots of layers of plasticard into the correct shapes and then glueing them together, followed by using greenstuff to do detail work. Its a time consuming process but the results are really cool if you do it right. Actually this is how most of the guns in 40k I sculpted unless I'm mistaken...

More pics and possibly a tutorial will follow in the nebulous future when I get around to making the rest of these guys.

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  1. How large is the base model next to a Sentinel and/or Ogryn?