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Monday, February 7, 2011

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 007++++ WIP Dias of Destruction progress report

Ok the Dias of Destruction commission is almost done now, I'm just working on the last few details with it right now.  I'm VERY pleased with how it has turned out so far, and so is Jason (Check out his happy ravings about it here: ADHDGaming).  So here are the new pictures of it.

So what's new with it.  Well the most visible change has been the Quad-sail on the back of the model.  I really wanted to have the raider sails somewhere on the model as they are one of the unifying features of the new Dark Eldar vehicle range.  Unfortunately with the changes to the center and sides of the model there wasn't any way to place them in the middle like they are on the Raider kit.  After a lot of test fitting the look that I decided to go with was the one you see above, and despite my fear of unbalancing the model it came out quite well.

After that you'll see that I built up the front armor on the hull using some extra components from the Fire Prism kit.  its amazing just how well eldar vehicle bits work for converting dark eldar vehicles once you remove the gems.  On the whole this part was rather simple and quick to do, and hopefully makes the dias look like it deserves a higher armor value than 10.

The last two major changes are that I made eldar style engine intakes with plasticard and that I mounted 2 darklances under the wings.  My one major regret with the conversion so far is that I waited until everything else was put together before making the engines, turning a 40 minute job into a 3 hour job :(

Here you can see the intakes and one of the dark lances far better, as well as a nice view of the Incubi steersman.

Lastly here is a mugshot of the big man himself.  He is still a work in progress, actually he is really the only thing I have left to finish with the model (I've worked on it more since these pics were taken.).  His face will look really great when its painted, the difference in colors right now makes it hard to read the facial expression but he is smiling evily over a nice glass of wine.  Hey, its hard work being a maniacle xenos overlord, sometimes you have to just kick back and relax!

Ok, more on this later, I'll probably have the finished version up tomorrow.

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