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Saturday, June 23, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 023++++ True Scale mkII CSM test model WIP

Finally an update!!! Sorry for the dearth of activity here for the last few months, I'm finally at the end of my vocational school so I was able to devote some time to mini-work this weekend. So without any further ado.......

Here's my test model for the truescale Word Bearers to accompany my Chaos heretics.

He was made using spare parts from the true scale kits I made a few years back. I recently got the molds back from a friend and filled an order for 30 for a guy in England. There were more than a few "factory extras" left over from his order so I decided to see how these guys would look chased up.

I also realised two things working on that guy's order. The first was that my current skills are far in advance of what they were when I made these kits in 2010. The second was that while the kits came out quite well there were a number of little errors in the proportions and the build of each kit. So now I'm working to improve them with the goal of making actual professional grade kits later this year.

As for this guy there's not too much that needs to be said, I really like how he's coming along and the pose just plain works I think. From here I just need to do the detail work to fully bring out his bad guy side for all to see.

It was requested a while ago that I do a comparison shot of one of my true scales next to a normal space marine. Per that request here you are, and yeah murphy's a big mudder!

Any thoughts you guys have feel free to through out. Ideas on cool armor designs are welcome.

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