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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 084++++ Skitarii Vanguard WIP 1.5

So I finally had the chance to crack open my two boxes of Sicarian Infiltrators and man is there a lot bits wise in this kit! The first thing which I decided to use it for was to upgrade my earlier Skitarii Hypaspists. I didn't wind up quite liking how that first attempt came out, so here is try number two which I mentioned yesterday.

All I did was a head, gun, and backpack swap and now I think they look very cool. The barrel from the flachette blaster works great as a way to make badass autoguns/stubbers. I could see it working as a barrel for a chopped up lasgun too.

The rest of the gun is from Anvil Industries, and the targeted on top are the grenade launcher and laser designator addons from the same company.

The only oddity is that the Ruststalker heads are not designed to look in other directions, so I had to chop off some of the cool tunes. I plan to fix that with green stuff.

I also worked on the second Renogryn tonight giving him a pair of pants (for decencies sake). More work will follow on him, I've been meaning to do the rest of these guys for a long time now, I have parts for 10!

One last thing, I got the new skitarii datacards, which are handy, but why is this an objective for them.

They have no Psykers and so they cannot achieve it. I know that they could have psychic allies but the point of the objectives decks for each army is to represent how that army plays and what its goals are in a battle. If an army on its own can NEVER achieve an objective it should not be in its deck, period.

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