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Friday, May 8, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 087++++ Samech Pattern Rapier Laser Destroyer WIP 1.0

 Sometimes its can take several tries to successfully realise a conversion or scratch build project from the mental image in your head to an actual good looking miniature on a table.  This was one such project. 

For reference here is the amazingly crappy version of a rapier I had worked on a few months ago from my Chaos Renegades army.  It was terrible and I couldn't bring myself to use it.

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future there are only giant killer vacuum clearners!

And now here is attempt number 2.

Samech Pattern Mk II Rapier Laser Destroyer
Samech is a fallen forgeworld, anyone who has played Deathwatch will likely recall it vaguely.

This new model is based on a cast copy I made of a H.E.L. Cannon from Dreamforge games, sans most of its barrel.  That was mounted on top of some of the spare engine parts I cast copies of from a Triaros Armored Conveyor and cast copies of the tracks from a Taurox.

The Lascannons are from a Land Raider and Predator.  I have to do some blending with green stuff to really join the lascannons to the rest of the cannon, but I think it looks impressive enough.  I think the tracks look really small, but they actually aren't impractical for it.  The weight looks evenly distributed and the cannon has no recoil, so it could work.

I made a crew platform so that I can leave the crew members on for ease of use and transport.  I might magnetize one for a wound counter.  The targeter comes from a Hunter/Stalker chopped down to a more reasonable size.

A shot from the front.

I really like this barrel alignment, it looks functional and is striking visually.

 The targeting computer is the only part which I directly salvaged from the crappy first attempt.  I'm debating adding a joystick.

Tomorrow I'll fill in the gaps and touch it up with some green stuff and start throwing some paint on it.  All told it took me about 5 hours to figure out and build, so figure about 4 hours for the next few.  My plan was to make a battery of 6 of them after all.  Hey I need some way of killing all these crazy knights rampaging about!

Anyone have any recommendations on the model?

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