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Thursday, June 4, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 089++++ Void Shield Generator completed

Apologies for the lack of posts of late, I've been busy outside of the world of hobbies and one of my friends got me back into even online as well, so not much has been done in the last week or so.

But I did finish the void shield generators I was commissioned to build for a local player.  I primered it to allow the details to be visible.  I decided to add the drop pod doors to the build as I thought they would look cool, hopefully when he paints it they will have a cool energy glow effect but as he didn't pay me to paint it who knows.  Otherwise the build is just an expanded version of what was seen last post.  Much of the components come from molds I made of details from the Triaros Armored Conveyor kit from Forge World.

This was a fun project and probably only took me about 6 hours of work to have done.

In the last post there was a gap on one side of the generator, as you can see I built a hatch and "crew compartment" in the side of it.  Apparently Void Shield generators have no access points in game, but hey techpriests need some way to get inside and appease the machine spirits.  The projected part of the building was made using posterboard with plasticard going on top of it to blend the details.  I had to go back later and cover up a lot of joints with greenstuff but not that its painted you can't really tell.

  The vent on top is a dragonforge part and the 'techno bit" is a piece leftover from a land raider achilles kit I chopped up for parts.

The "reactor" parts of the conversion are taken straight from the Triaros Armored conveyor.  The part on the left in the light was super straightforward to use for this, all I did was fill in the bubbles from the recast and blend the parts together with the base of the drop pod on top.  In this lighting you can see the greenstuff I used to blend those two parts on top, but its not visble in normal lighting and will be fully hidden once its painted.

There was a gap between the "Reactor" parts in which I filled in with plasticard.  This was quick and easy to do, and while I debated on adding more details to it I felt that the piece could actually use some empty space.

I refer to this part as the "field generator".  In the fluff void shield generators work by creating a molecule thin warp rift through which force and energy is "shunted" into the warp so it cannot do damage.  So the generator would need some form of warp core, and this is it.  Again this is made by combining a bunch of components from the Triaros Armored Conveyor and blending them with greenstuff. 

On the large "shield" part there were gaps on the bottom of the piece, I filled them with some pipes made with my Tentacle Makers.  The two shield emmiters from the Triaros and the mechanicum symbol on top of the field generator were made from high quality molds I made and cast using high pressure injection molding, hence the dramatic improvement in their quality.

Overall there are no visible gaps between the 5 sides of the model and the details lend together quite well.

 On top we have the "Field Emitter", made using a foot massage ball and some sprinkler parts.  The caps of the ball are from the Lord of Skulls kit, they are parts from the wierd blood tanks on the back of that model.  Oddly the LOS is an excellent source of cool mechanical bits, though the model itself is terrible in my view.

The pistons are also from the Lord of Skulls.

On top of the emitter's cap you can see where I filled in gaps with green stuff, once its fully painted this will be invisible.

There were some spots on the sprinkler parts I had to cover.

One new thing I learned technique wise was how to make these "ports".  These are done by poking a ball point pen into some greenstuff.

I have the next few posts planned out already, I'll try to get them done in the next few days.  This weekend is the regional championship for X-wing and I'm going to try my hand in it.  70 people signed up already.  My list has 3 A-wings in it, which I fly very well but we'll see how well I do.  The current meta for that game is very frustrating, big turreted ships still dominate to a rediculous extent.  FFG tried to fix things by making ships like the A-wing, Y-wing, and Tie Interceptor better to avoid having to nerf big ships in some way.  That didn't work and Big ships will need some minor-but-significant nerfs after this competitive season to keep the game from becoming stagnant.  Last year we saw about a 50/50 mix of Big ship lists and Tie Phantom lists in the top tiers of tournaments.  The Phantom got knocked down a peg (but is still great) and this year virtually all I have been seeing are YT 1300/Decimator + Escort lists or 4 B-wing lists.  Both of these lists are very boring to play with and there is a destinctive lack of dog fighting in what is an iconic "dog fighting" game.  Oh well, it will be very fun to play at least 6 games in a day, and the fact that the rounds last 75 minutes will help me out a lot as I tend to be just shy of killing my opponent by the end of a 60 minute game.

Let me know what you think of the generator and if you want me to build you one just let me know.

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