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Monday, July 20, 2015

So it's been a while

I think it's been about a month actually since my last post. I've been pretty uninspired recently. I picked up dragon age inquisition and it rocks, it's so funny hearing the inquisition referenced as a source of hope and peace!

I've tried writing up an article about my feelings about AoS, but it's too depressing. Here is a quick explanation of my view. So many 40k players have been demeaning those of us who have played fantasy avidly for years. How dare we be shocked and disgusted when GW makes a desperate gamble and tears up that game universe while providing us a watered down piece of garbage and a new system that effectively turned chess into tic tac toe. I've played 40k since I was 7 and I've stayed around despite GWs horrible mismanagement of their product lines and IP over the years. Their mismanagement was what had "killed" fantasy. If GW was to ever attempt what they have just done with fantasy with 40k there would be rioting in the streets. So when players express their disappointment, mostly in our just being handed a pretty crappy game, please ask yourself how you would react if GW decided to ever AoS 40k before deriding us.

So with that said, I've done mostly x-wing related stuff lately. I took first in the standard tournament at CaptainCon in Mass over the weekend with a 4 A-Wing list, lots of fun.

I'll get back to 40k soon, we're trying to launch a campaign at the local shop here in RI, it's tough as there are only a few of us who are interested so far. I'll post the system I designed for it next post.

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