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Monday, October 5, 2015

WIP Interdictor Cruiser pt. 2

So a quick update today.  I've started doing the plasticard work on the Interdictor, here is a picture from the first session or work after about 1 hour of work.  If you were wondering the black stuff is electrical tape, which I have been putting over the edges of the foamcore board both to protect it from glue and to mask divots and air bubbles.  It was an idea I had during the initial mock up and so far its working quite well, the tape takes glue well and is held in place by the plasticard layered over it.

Here is a shot of the current state of the model.  As you can see I've started adding the detail "armor panels" to the model.  This was a change in method as I went further in the model, so I will probably go back and do a second pass on the front of the model later if it starts to look too flat as the model progresses.  So far its going pretty well, as you can see the electrical tape isn't visible once its been covered by the plasticard.

So I actually have a deadline for this thing now.  Captain Con is at the beginning of February this year, and they were enthusiastic to have the Interdictor play a part in their narrative event.  I sadly can only go on Friday as I have drill that weekend.  So yeah, I now have 4 months in which to get this ship done, and unlike Moff Jerjerod I'm confident that it will be finished ahead of schedule.

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