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Sunday, October 9, 2016


I've been chugging along on my scratchbuilt Ork Fleet over the last week and I've made quite a lot of progress. The Kill Kroozer and Basha Light Kroozer from last week have now been joined by a Terror Ship (Horrible name, I call it a Karrier), 5 Slaughter escorts, 4 Onslaught escorts, and 5 Brute Rams.

These conversions are really fun and they move pretty fast, almost makes me want to play orks in 40k. Anyways onto the pictures (there's a bunch...)

The Karrier

 Originally I was planning on making this another Light Kroozer but it rapidly grew to large.  I like that it's visually different from the Kill Kroozer, the original BFG models were pretty hard to tell apart from a glance.  My favorite part of this one is the Prow, so much dakka.

Onslaught Attack Ships

The Plasticard work for these took some time to finish but I love the result. It's hard to tell that all the are is an Imperial Guard Lascannon flipped upside down with a Chimera Heavy Flamer stuck to its rear.  I ran out of Lascannon hence there only being 4. 

Savage Gunships

These were actually the first models j converted for Da Fleet. The base of the model is a Contemporary Dreadnought foot with the lower leg lf a Heavy Gear much sticking off the end for a tail. I tried Heavy Gear years ago, never really liked it but j had parts to some Mechs lying around. Then i added the non-claw parts to a power-klaw, some engines and guns, and a glyph for the face. In the end they are very different from the later models, but I think they are Orky enough to fit in.

Brute Rams

Likewise j started these about two weeks ago but I felt they needed more work. Today I rearranged then a bit and added some Plasticard and they look better. No joke I flipped two upside down and said "wow, that's 100% better, what was I thinking before!"

Da Fleet Painting WIP 

All primed with a layer of Chainmail and a heavy Nuln Oil wash, now it's just a matter of adding details.  I actually plan to use the forgeworld metallic powders I've had for years and never played with to add rust effects, otherwise they'll mostly be bare metal.  Oh well that's all for now. 

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