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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 010++++ In the chute...

Sorry that I've been lost to the warp for a bit but here is a preview of what's up and coming in the project chute for me.

First off, we have my newly revised 40k M1 Abrams tank conversion!

I've been trying to make a model like this for the last 5 years.  I'm not kidding, its just been an amazingly elusive project, but finally I have the skill level I've needed to pull it off.  Its my hope to make a mold of the components from the final piece so that I can make copies of it MUCH faster than the 20+ hours I've sunk into this think so far.

As for in game use this will replace my current Leman Russ's in regular games and in Apoc games I'll make a datasheet for it, something like:

Name:   BLANK       Points: 230
Type:                                Armor:     Front:    Side:    Rear:     BS:
Superheavy, Tank                                14        13        11         3(4)

Structure Points: 2

Weapons: Vanquisher Cannon, Coaxial Heavy Stubber.  Sponson mounted Heavy Bolter. Has Smoke Launchers and Searchlight.

Options: May take some combination of up to two pintle mounted Heavy Stubbers or Stormbolters for +10 points each.  May have take Antipersonnel rounds for +20 points.  The front sponson may be upgraded to a lascannon for +15 points or a heavy flamer for free.

May take Extra Armor 

Special Rules:
Advanced Fire Control:  Featuring ancient weapons stabilizers and cogitator assisted targeting the BLANK is able to fire its main cannon with pinpoint accuracy even while moving at full speed.  The BLANK may always fire it's main cannon and its pintle mounted heavy stubber regardless of how far it has moved, and these weapons are fired at BS 4 instead of BS 3.

Antipersonnel rounds: This grants the Vanquisher cannon a secondary fire mode with the following profile:
Range:    Str:     AP:    Type:
72"          7         4        Ordnance 1, Large Blast

You may have noticed that the name is listed as "Blank", that's because I haven't come up with one for it yet.  Post any recommendations you have in the comments below.

Ok, next up in the chute are the new sculpts that I've done to make a modern US Army themed Imperial Guard infantry models for my IG Army.  Here are the chests and the lascarbine.  The chest is sculpted from scratch, the weapon is converted from the carbine used by the Yellow Jackets minis from the MERCS range.

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  1. Hands down, looking like the best tank conversion I've ever seen.