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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 031++++ Defiler WIP Shots

Ok here are some pics of what I've been working on for the last week or so. As you can see the conversion has advanced quite a bit since the initial concept shots last post. My desire to make the defiler more dynamically posed and to have the "IT'Z ALIVE!!!" Effect is coming along well. I've also been working to make the lower "thorax" section of the model larger to help accommodate the enlarged "turret".

So now onto the pics!

So the head is a mash up of a defiler demonic head, the techno head, a minotaur's head, and a LOT of horns from beastmen. Still a bit of work to be done melding it with the neck fully.  The Daemon in him is a servant of Slaneesh named Rhymnocerous; his claws are fast the guns are on his back and he's horny, HE'S HORNY!!!

Here is a more standard frontal shot. He's a biggun'.

I need to construct an actual photo booth... Here is a shot with flash so other details are visible.

Here he is seen from above. I have yet to figure out what I should put on top of the torso's rear space, there is a gap there and nothing comes to mind yet as an appropriate filler.

Left side shot. The reaper autocannon turret is a scratch built medley, it is based on a dreadnought's sarcophagus chopped up with cannons from a saber gun platform added on. The ammo drums seemed really small so I made bigger ones from plasticard and some ammo bits. Next update I'll remember to take close ups, I really am pleased with its look as a turret, though it might be too robots for the model itself.

Backside. The "generator" on the back of the turret is from an At-43 walker mini I've have lying around for years.

Right side shots, I know you want to see the gun. Well...

Here it is! The thunderfire cannon meshes well with the model and just looks great I think. The ammo dorms are somewhat covered by the camera angle, but you get the idea. The defiler gun shield has made a nice base for the appearance that the gun is eating more ammo to keep firing, very chaos-y. I'm still debating whether or not to turn the gun into a more tradionally barreled battle cannon, but its also neat as is so I'm not sure.

As you can see on this pic I've had to play around with the mounting point for the connection between the upper and lower halves of the model. You can also see those ammo drums I was talking about.

I will make better pics of it next time, but I have used some shopped up dreadnought legs to bulk out the visible working parts of the connection between the upper and lower halves.

You can see those working parts a bit better here.

Straight vertical shot. As you can see Ives bulked out the rear a bit. That's one part of the defiler I've always disliked.

You can see how I've bulked out and raised up the front of the mini a bit, and yes those are bits from a second defiler kit. I've added a mounting bracket for a third set of legs as well, but the damned thing broke befor I took the pictures.


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