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Friday, November 22, 2013

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 038++++ Deimos Predator Expirament 1

A quick update for today.

So I decided to try making a Deimos predator.  I've been taking one in the last like two games and it's actually really good unit currently for CSM now.  These pics are about 4 hours in, a lot of time was spent figuring out the sponsons as they are the most odd and complicated aspects.  That round door was a bitch as first!

I'm using this as a true scale experiment, I'm slightly increasing the size of the vehicle to see how much difficulty it takes.  It's only a minor change but if it's too difficult then I'll just chalk it up to this being a different mark of predator.  If it's easy then I might do the same thing for any rhinos and equivalents I make later on.  It's about 1 inch longer (extra roadwheel) and 1/3" taller.

The Lascannon Sponson is coming along quite well, once I had worked out how to fit it it went together rather easily.

I magnetized the sponson so that it can elevate and depress, letting it rotate would have been too much work with the orginal design so I have not added that feature yet, probably won't later too.

Three magnets on the mount, 1 per weapon so far.

I use the Heavy Bolter Sponson option more often in gameplay so here is the progress on that, just barely had time to start this one before work today.  More to follow soon.


  1. Instead of wasting your time, effort and money on bits and plasticard just go to and buy one. Its much cheaper than if you had bought one from forgeworld.

    1. Where would be the challenge in that?