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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 041++++ Long delayed Revenant Titan

Ok so many months ago I was commissioned by a friend to convert his Eldar Revenant Titan into a Dark Eldar Revenant Titan. This project has taken a long time and is easily the most complex conversion job I've ever taken.

Now that I have finally figured out how to get my blog up and running again (Apparently I had to reinstall the app use to post, who knew...) I will be posting the pictures I took throughout the various stages of this project.

So with no further ado, here is the first installment.

Session 1:

The first thing I worked on was the head. As everyone knows dark eldar helmets are quite different from eldar helmets, far more angular and sharp edged. Another key difference is that the forehead protrudes out over the faceplate more dramatically than on a craftworlder helmet.

So using an incubi helmet as a template I did a literal @&?!ton of filing and then built up the new shape with layers of green stuff.

While that stage was curing I altered the pilot to be more dark kin-ish. Since the Dark Eldar do not use psychic powers for anything I added some techno doodads around the pilots head to help him commune with the machine. Otherwise no changes to the pilot.

Session 2:

A second layer of green stuff was used to fix mistakes from layer 1 and to blend the entire shape together.

The cheeks took some additional filing to be the exact shape I was looking for. This actually created a gap between the faceplate and the rest of the head which I had to fix with green stuff.

The left side had a tiny chip that I just noticed. I will get to fixing that.

Session 3:

This was the original test fit for the whole model. I spent a while filing off the majority of the gems on the model. That was all I did for a week on it, holy crap forgeworld has a hard on for gems.

As you can see the stance ducked back then. I ended up breaking the legs apart completely and reconstructing the arms to get it to what I wanted.

I decided to turn the pulsars into giant dark lances. This turned out to be far harder than I at first expected. At this stage I had just flipped the guns upside down, altered the nozzle, and added some basic anti-gravity stabilizer vanes.

I swapped the shoulder guards out for the thigh plates. Dark eldar models tend to have more substantial thigh armor and I liked the way these looked. The original thigh plates seemed somehow 'dorky' to me. My original plan for the crotch plate was to use a jetbike hood, but it turned out to be way too small.

Session 4:

This was a few weeks later as I had to wait for some parts to come in. I used the carapaces for a pair of talos to make the shoulder plates. Thankfully they were just the right size. As I mentioned earlier I changed the design of the arm by adding some wraith knight parts to create a more complex shoulder socket. This allowed a more flexible angle for the arm to achieve a more dynamic final pose.

Under the shoulder socket I used some other wraith knight parts to enlarge the chest and add more details, this fixed the 'anorexic' look the model had.

Session 5:

Here I sanded down the head so that it was completely smooth and there were no lines between the green stuff and the base model. I also made a crown of spikes for an added flourish.

This stick that allows the helmet to stay open was broken when I got the model, so I tried making a new one. I think I'll replace it with a magnet.

Ok that's all for today, stay tuned for part two!!!

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