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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 042++++ Vorax Class Battle Automata conversion

This is a test model for my Dark Mechanicum Battle Maniple. I wanted to use Centurions as a base to create variants of Thallax Battle Armor that was both more heavily armed and armored.

I quickly found though that there were a number of problems with this concept. The first of course being that the Centurion kit is substantially larger then a Thallax. Also none of the weapon options that I was able to find for any Thallax variant seemed to suit the design that I was working towards. So after working on it for a week I decided to utilize it as a Vorax class battle automata instead.

Stage 1:

Here you can see the original concept, which is not dissimilar to the base Centurion kit. I used two of the weapons to create the shoulder mounted cannon. The bubble where the head goes was originally planned to be a glass head similar to what a Thallax has but later was turned into the thorax armor for the battle robot.

Stage 2:

As you can see the model has advanced considerably between stages one and two. The legs were reworked using the upper leg of a Sentinel to create a reverse jointed limb. I decided to create a protruding torso and head from the base model to incorporate the close combat limbs, which were made using Necron Warrior legs and the chainsaw combat attachment for and Imperial guard Sentinel. This combined with the alterations of the legs gives it more of a aggressive stalking predator look, or at least that is what I thought.

As you can see the Heavy Cannon on the left shoulder has been substantially improved, I blended all the components together so that it looks like continuous weapon and the barrel is the rest of the close combat attachment arm from the Sentinel, it just fit very nicely and work for what I needed.

The pelvis section between the new legs was made by chopping up to backpack power plants from Chaos Spase Marines.

The rotary cannon is a component from the Anvil Industries sentry gun kit. The backpack mounted power plant is also Anvil Industries component. While the Vorax has two rotary cannons, I thought that it would look fine if I just put one on the model.

The bubble where the head was supposed to be now no longer is the head, and I incorporated some horns from a root kit to start incorporating the chaos look

The model has progressed further, I'll post more pictures of it when I get a chance to take them. As always let me know what you think of my work, and if you have any suggestions on ways that I can further improve the design let me know.

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