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Monday, January 4, 2016

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 092++++ Massive Truescale Word Bearers Update pt1

So I've been meaning to upload these pictures for months.  I've been doing a LOT of work on the truescales over the last few months, I"m now up to about 10 which are finished and 8 which are works in progress.  I just played in an Apoc game yesterday where I had two squads as a part of my 3000 point host, it was quite awesome to see.  Apoc sadly is built to rob any chances of climatic moments, when my warlord and the Dark Angels player's warlord were moving to duel a necron player came in an killed my warlord before it could happen despite our asking that he not, huzzah for trolling...

Anyways these are some old pictures of a bunch of the minis as works in progress.  I wanted to show what they look like mid stage so you guys can see my process.  I'll take more pictures of the finished pieces this week and make another much larger part of the post.  So much to update.

Dark Apostle Mik'esh Ng'ath

This model was inspired initially pose wise by the superb chaplain model from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set.  The cape is from a chosen model and the purity seals are from the regular dark apostle model.  Its amazing how you can take parts from such static models and use them to convey movement and emotion in a piece.  The backpack is a merger between the Sorceror's backpack and the Dark Apostle backpack.  The mace was a place holder, just wait till you see the finished piece.

Corephaeus Vorgash Nn'uhl.

I haven't posted WIP pictures of Vorgash yet, so here they are.

And the full set of finished pictures for him.  The only thing I hadn't done on this stage I think is the detailing on the lower legs.

Regular Brethren

These are just a bunch of random WIP shots.  I love the random details from the Dark Vengeance Chosen models, they make it so easy to create unique and characterful models.

Borrowing a page from the Iron Slate blog here is a black and white group shot of this batch.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!!!

Custom Chest Plates

So as I've gone forwards with this project I've started making custom chest plates for each marine.  It actually takes less time to do it this way than it does to convert the Dark Vengeance chests to work for the true scales and it helps add more variety and character to each model.  For example the face on this marine's chest plate only took about 10 minutes to sculpt.  Pewter wire really helps too, I've started adding the "ab wires" to all of the marines in the next batch, they provide another means to convey movement and dynamism with the freely rotatable torso.

Death of a Hero

 To wrap up this update here is a work in progress shot of my Hellbrute.  I actually did the majority of the work on this model almost 5 years ago!!!  Truescaling the Hellbrute was actually surprisingly easy to do, but the big hold up was making the ultramarine not look rediculous as he's crushed to death.  And so its sat, 90% of the way done in my mini's case, mocking me...

Until now!  I finally am confident enough in my skills to finish this piece.  It took about 2 hours an over a dozen tries but I'm finally satisfied with the pose for the Ultramarine, now I just need to sculpt all the details and then he'll be done!


I've also done a substantial amount of reworking on the Contemptor Dreadnought and its now 95% of the way done, I have just 1 sculpting step left to blend the last few details together so it will be in the next post.

Oh and at some point for variety I will be making more Truescale Ultarmarines for variety and just because it would be Awesome to do so.  I have a dream of converting the Guilleman and Lorgar models into dueling stances and making an epic truescale diarama for the battle of Armatura.  Ah dreams.  I've actually been considering creating a Patreon account to facilitate this.

Oh it was also brought up as an idea that I should make a kickstarter campaign to finance the creation of actual Truescale Conversion Kits for various factions.  The more I've thought about it the more feasible the effort would be to achieve, the question is just would people buy them if I made Truescale kits for sale that let you make marines like the ones I make on your own without any more trouble than just putting regular Space Marine models together.  So what do you people think?

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