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Thursday, January 28, 2016

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 094++++ More Truescale progress

So I've been doing more work on my Word Bearers, I think we finally have achieved good positive inertia on this project. You know, the point at which it's easier to keep going then to stop, kind of like the descent into chaos actually...

EDIT: I apologize for the graininess of these photos.  I was posting from my iPhone and sometimes it does a terrible job uploading photos.  I'll take better ones and replace these as they look like ass.

Counting the ones in progress now I'm up to 21 Truescales, most of which are done and ready for painting. It actually looks like a real army now and which is very exciting. Rather than being a pain working to ensure that each model is uniquely posed and has unique detailing has been a very rewarding challenge so far. I recently picked up 40 heresy era bolsters of various marks so future models will be moving away from the belt fed look that CSMs have had since 3rd edition.

Once I have finished the first 20 bolter armed brethren I'll work on finishing the two havoc squads, one with Autocannons and one with Missile Launchers as well as a tactical support squad with flamers. I'm curious to see if future Horus Heresy releases will have "late heresy" unit organizations allowing for heavy and special weapons to be sprinkled into mass tactical squads.

Onto some close ups.

Chaos Mk IV Chest Plates

So I've been making most of the chest plates in line with Mk IV armor style wise with chaos details. It's a VERY easy thing to sculpt, so this will be pretty common in the army. Once I get bored I'm sure I'll explore Mk V and Mk III.

Here is an example of a Mk V suit, though I still have lots of details to do. Does anyone have a good recommendation for how to do the studs on the legs?

Non-shooting poses

The first 12 or so tacticals I made all were in firing poses, which I find to look super cool, so I've been forcing myself to make some doing stuff other than firing. It's actually a lot harder to pull off these 'not very actiony' poses as it's easy for the brain to see a stilled image of a person in mid-motion as a fully static and co fusing image. It's why in comic books you always see the wind up or follow through of a punch, not the moment of contact itself.

Anyways this guy casually walking has proved to be one of the hardest to pose so far.

How do they start?

So this is one of my true scales about 20 minutes into the build. The limbs are wireframed and attached to the pelvis, and the pose of the model usually just evolves organically during this step. I then add the torso turned to compliment the apparent movement of the legs and walla!

So yeah, that's what's been going on on the last few weeks.

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