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Friday, February 5, 2016

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 095++++ Chaos Contemptor WIP 2

..............COMMENCING DATA PURGE491!)aw(I8++++

Now that I'm back from another training course with the National Guard I've found a bit of time to finish converting my Word Bearer's Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought.

Check him out in all his majesty!

This is the first model I've ever tried using micro beads on, and I can attest that it doesn't take much time and is way simplre than I thought, the beads came from the guts of a water filter, I think I got the idea from Rictus.

I found at random in my bits box one "vent" from the backpack of the really old Daemon Prince model, with a bit of bending and cutting it fits in nicely as a warped spine.

I was not pleased with the earlier design on the close combat arm, specifically that the gun in the center of the hand just would not look right.  So I instead mounted a meltagun beneath the arm and am willing to call it done.  I am very pleased with how the banding and details of the close combat arm turned out in the end.

To cover up a gash I made in the right calf removing details from the Venerable Contemptor kit I used as a base I decided to add a flaming book symbol.  I may add a daemonic face to the sculpt but as the surface is flat I figure I'll just use a decal or paint one on by hand.

The head deserves some explanation.  I redid it at least 3 times before coming up with the final idea.  I took a press molded leering skull bit I made, flipped it upside down and cut off everything from the nose up.  That then got mounted in place of the mouth grill and all of a sudden the faceplate just snapped together as a concept.

The Chaos Lord's horns from the Dark Vengeance set made an ideal set of horns, but I tried 3 other sets of horns first before I decided to chop up another chaos lord.

I needed to blend the hellbrute horns with the top of the contemptor and decided to make a partially formed skull pushing its way out from the metal.  Quick and Simple.

I'm going to primer him tonight once the green stuff has fully cured and I'll try and fully paint him next week.  I like to experiment with new paint schemes on large models as its easier to blend things or so I've found.

Let me know what you think!

Oh and one more thing, does anyone have any idea why the Mhara Gal Possessed Contemptor Dreadnought doesn't have the option to take an Assault Cannon?  Its the only disappointing aspect of that model's rules.


  1. Wow, this is inspirational stuff here. You've got some real creative talent and sculpting skills! I'd love to know what you used for parts of your contemptor, like the ribcage and the clawed toes?

    1. Thank you for the compliments. The ribcage is from a Juggernaught of Khorne I chopped up for my defiler. I blended it with a ton of green stuff but yeah I thought it fits well. The clawed feet are from a Tomb King sphinx, you wind up with a few extra feet from that kit. The feet are a touch larger than the feet of the contemptor but I managed to make it not look rediculous with a lot of trimming and some more green stuff.

      The close combat arm is made from an extra contemptor leg, I felt that the standard close combat arm was way too small. Seriously with the other arm and bulked up torso the arm looked just plain tiny. I slapped it onto a conversion beamer arm and then went insane trying to make it work and look functional.

      The cannon is a serious kitbash. I have a keres assault cannon, gattling psilencer, ammo feeds to an ancient metal land raider crusader, and the meltagun from a hellbrute all mashed together.