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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 012++++ Chaos Heretics first look

So as promised here are my first few Chaos Heretics based off of the unit with the same name in Dawn of War I and II.

Here is what they look like in game and what mine looks like.

    On the whole this was actually a very simple conversion to pull off, with a bit of green stuff work involved and some kitbashing, but for a perspective I finished the first 6 of these guys during the first day I worked on them and finished the greenstuffed armor on the next 16 the next day in just 4 hours.

So here's what you need to make theses guys:
Empire Flagellants
Arms from Beastmen Ungors
Lots of Guns and skulls

I tried numerous sorts of arms for building these guys, and while I really don't care for any other part of the Ungor kits their arms are perfectly sized and almost perfectly posed for making these guys.  the real treat are the bow arms which need just a tiny bit of clipping to be ready to hold a pistol.  The rifles are harder to achieve, but it just takes a little bit of extra time to clip and pin the arms into the right postion to make it work.

The Armor was very simple and straightforward to do, with the only real details being the gutplate and the chaos star.  The gut plate was made to look like a grimacing daemonic face, as this army is going to be heavily themed around the Work Bearer's legion and I was trying to exactly copy the theme visually from the Dawn of War look.  It was made using the stamping mold method.  Essentially this means finding a symbol you wish to copy, in this case the ammo feed from a chaos rhino's bolters, and smooshing some greenstuff over it to make an imprint of it.  Once its hardened clean it up so that just the shape you want to copy is exposed and glue it to a rod, toothpicks work well for this.  Then all you need to do to make copies of that symbol is wad some greenstuff where you want it and press the stamp mold down on it.  A little cleaning up and you have an evil faced gut plate.

The chaos star was just sculpted by hand, nothing really hard about it.

One thing that I could use some help on with these guys, I used up most of the Ungor arms that I had making them, does anyone out there have any spare Ungor arms lying about that they'd be willing to part with?

Now here's the lineup:
This is my favorite guy out of the first batch, his pose came out really well.  That head is from the hellhoud kit, heavily filed down if you were wondering.

My second favorite guy.  His head came from the flagellant in the stockade bit, again filed bald.
 This guy was an experiment, trying to see what it would look like if I put five spikes on the back rack instead of three.  Not so much of a fan.
Another favorite, he just screams crazy.  Again beastmen weapons are the shit.

This guy's back wasn't quite finished, so I didn't show it.  The head is one of the penal legionares from the Victoria Lamb conversion set.  Definately check out her shop, most of her bits are really awesome and come in excellent quality.  I was planning on using the chem troop heads for most of these guys, but those heads were too large compared to the others I had on here, too "heroic" scaled.  I'll use them for something someday.  Goes to show you, buy 1 of something to test it, not 60...

The skulls are from Secret weapon miniatures, again very high quality.

 Test with a rifle.  Plan on using forgeworld autoguns for most of the gunners though.

 This guy's head actually came from a cool looking severed head on a spear.  Works decently.

Next time I'll post the concept art I did for building these guys and for the shrines I'm going to build.  Till then...


  1. Looks fantastic. I am very impressed, and I look forward to seeing the army grow. I may try my hand at making some of these myself. Yours are quite inspiring.