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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 014++++ A largely useless post about my Heretics Army List

Blah tired.  Lots of sculpting work was done tonight, I'm about done putting all of the finishing details on the first 20 Heretics and the True Scale Chaos Lord who will be used in place of Straken for the army is coming along ridiculously quickly.  I'll post pictures of them soon, hopefully tomorrow.

So now onto the point of this post, here is the list that I'm currently fooling around with for my Heretics army.  Its themed around the fluff for the Word Bearer's traitor legion; always my favorite amongst the bad guys.  According to that fluff they corrupt and convert the populations of entire worlds to their causes and then send wave after wave of raving mad cultists at their enemies before they ever even take to the field.

The list includes both Straken and Yarrick for their bubble effects and as and excuse to make Chaos Space Marine models for the army's commanders.  I know, Yarrick has a 4+ save and not a 3+, whatever.  The army deploys as two platoons that have 20 man blob squads with grenade launchers and lascannons; grenade launchers being a theme for the army ALA dawn of war 2.  In front of them is a 50 man conscript squad that acts as a human shield and intermixed with all of this are the units of rough riders, the ogryns, and the suicide bomber demo charge teams.

The basic plan is to either:
a) Sit back and blow the crap out of the enemy; absorb their charge with expendable units; and then wipe them out with demo charges, ogryns, and rough riders.
b) Run across the table like a horde of crazy people and overwhelm the enemy by weight of numbers.

I foresee A being far more practical most of the time, but I'll probably do B far more often, because its fun.

So with no further ado, here is the list as it stands now.

Anyone have any comments?

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