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Sunday, December 25, 2011

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 013++++ True Scale Ultramarines Honor Guard

Again sorry for the lack of a recent update, I'm currently out in Minnesota visiting with family for Christmas. But never fear, today as a special Christmas treat I bring you a file from the archives, the Ultramarines Honor Guard for the Truescale Space Marine Army that I did on commission.
So To start things off here is my favorite, the Ancient bearing an awesome forgeworld banner.

Now the white parts of the model come from a large set of true scale components that I made molds of after sculpting the originals. Thus while making the initial components took quite a while, a little over a month actually, I now can cast up any number of copies. So far I have 7 pairs of legs, 13 torsos, and 20+ arms molded up as well as a 8 sets of shoulder pads. So far icon wise everything is just Ultramarines oriented, but other chapters would be easy to make work as well.
Back to the ancient, I am extremrly happy with how this guy turned out, his pose just works and I managed to get a lot of small details worked into him as a piece, my favorite being the laurel wreath on his knee. Also worked out the winged aquila helm for him, its actually easy to do once you have the process down.
Next up is my take on the Chapter champion. I actually really like the pose of the old model for this guy, so I did my best to make a truescale clone. I apologise for the relatively crappy pictures, I no longer have these models but I'll see if I can get some updated/painted ones of them for your viewing pleasure.
On the whole this guy was rather straight forward, just took a while with all of the detail.
This is the better of the two honor guard with relic weapons. His pose turned out alright, i just accidentally melted a large portion of his right leg while trying to spped cure the greenstuff. He got over it.
Here is the only "generic" Honor Guard with regular power weapons. He turned out ok, but in hindsight I think that his cape doesn't match his motions. Still, really liked this model.
And lastly we have mister "I'm going to kill you with my rediculously *#%~ing huge axe.". Seriously, he could one shot a tervigon with that thing. Oddly this is the only model out of the set that is actually converted from a GW model. Originally this was the test conversion for my first true scale marine using Marneus Calgar as the base. Eventually I redid the arms and weapon entirely (He originally had a pair of Thunderhammers.) but otherwise he is still my first and in most ways my worst guy.
So there we go, a long overdue update on these guys. Now I just need some painted pictures and we might have something worth seeing.

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  1. I would buy Scibor models and then green stuff those.