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Thursday, August 16, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 027++++ True Scale Dark Apostle


Ok, jokes aside I'm super proud of how this guy has turned out. A week or so ago I deleted all of the games from my computer, I actually zeroed out the partition that had them. Its tough when something becomes an addiction to quit cold turkey, but I did what I had to. And now one week later I've got a job in my chosen profession and I've churned this guy out in my free time. Funny how that works.

Ok, now onto the model himself. I used Huron Blackheart as the basis for this conversion, I've always thought that he's underrated as a model because of his silly hand. Its taken quite a while to finish him, as you can see from the original version here. he's been substantially bulked out. In then end the only parts of huron that are still visible as a part of the conversion are his head, part of his chest, and his left hand/axe.

I had to go through close to 8 stages of adding a little bit more bulk to him each time until I had the proper look I wanted. But now after all of that he's as massive as Astartes warriors in full battle plate are supposed to be, check out this comparison shot of him next to a normal human and a stock GW marine:

As they are supposed to in the fluff he towers over normal humans. Space Marines in full armor are supposed to be around 8 feet tall, which means that a normal human should only come up to the mid abdomen/bottom of the ribcage.

The real difference though is just how massive he is width and girth wise (that's what she said...). According to the backstory the thing about Space Marines which always awes normal humans is their shear bulk and presence, its like being an 8 year old standing next to a football linebacker.

And you can see just how "puny" a normal space marine model looks by comparison. It will be interesting when I eventually try my hand at making terminators to this scale.

Oddly he's about 1.33 times the size of a normal space marine if anyone was wondering what ratio I used in his creation.

I don't have a comparison shot but its impressive just how anatomically correct and well made this guy is compared to my old truescale kits from 2 years ago. This is now my new standard, and the next set of true scale kits that I make will be made to these new proportions.

Here's one of him leading the faithful:

Oh, and as I mentioned in the title I'm going to use him as the Dark Apostle for my in Word Bearer's army, when we finally get our new book that is.  I'm still working on a good name, I might just go with Erebus...

So here are a bunch of other pics of him at different angles to show off all the details I tried to add in.  I've also included the old index astartes picture which inspired his look for me. 

One last word, I'm not planning to paint this guy myself.  I lack the skill to do him justice, so I'll pay a friend to do it for me.

Why did they stop making artwork like this for so long?!?

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