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Monday, January 2, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 016++++ Work In Progress: True Scale Chaos Lord

Here is the chaos lord that I'm working on for my traitor guard army. He'll be used with Straken's rules, given that straken is just about the exact same thing as a 3.5 edition Chaos Lord with a dark blade, combi-plasma, and daemonic Aura. Legion affiliation will be word bearers, but I haven't gotten around to putting any iconography on him.

Some time in the future I'll make a True Scale Wordbearers Army I'm sure.

As for the conversion the torso comes from Huron Blackheart, while the legs were lying around in my bits box. The Arms are virtually 100% greenstuff. As always comments welcome...

Here is a comparison shot of him, he's actually a little bit short as I made a mistake with the placement of the pelvis.  Easy fix, but you get the point that he's friggin huge.  Thing is now he's in line with both the artwork and fluff of the game.

Ok that's it for now, here's the picasa gallery with the other pics:

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