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Sunday, December 21, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 061++++ Oyimaru Reusable Plastic Clay

Also called instant mold by some people this stuff is awesome:

I just got it in this week from Hong Kong, apparently it isn't sold in the US.  It is the same material as a mouthguard as near as I can tell.  Essentially you place it into boiling water and make a press mold by pushing a model into it.  I whipped up some simple 2 piece molds of my Truescale Marine kit, as well as a whole bunch of other bitz, and this is that it popped out.

Now that I have this stuff I can start mass producing these guys and actually have a full squad before too long!  If you were wondering why I am casting them in green stuff and not in hard resin I had tried the hard resin and found that it made the components far too challenging to work with.  With these softer casts I can chop them up and pose the models much more easily.

Case in point here is my second new style Truescale Word Bearer Battle Brother Drakel'Vennahc.  The posing isn't too hard once you have the legs pinned together, though it is hard to pose them to be walking fast but not fully running (The difference being that while running both feet come off of the ground as some point in the movement, while for walking one foot is always on the ground.) without making them seem derpy and awkward.

I used another Dark Vengeance Chosen model for bits as they have such amazing components.  Unfortunately I messed up the angle on the chestplate a bit so I will need to do a bunch of greenstuffing to blend the plates together with the rest of the torso.  The arms are pinned, but not glued so there weren't included yet.

For an aside my FLGS's 40k winter league is starting very soon, and I am no where near where I need to be painting wise, with only about 120 points of the required 550 points painted to a two color standard.  It is tough when most of my guys only cost 3 points a model!

Oh well on Monday during the league night I will try to take up everyone else's offers to help me get some stuff painted.

Alright more stuff to come soon.


  1. Hey man, just came across your site tonight, but this is exactly what I failed to do today - tried to use GS in an Oyumaru mold. Twas my first time using both GS and the OYUMARU. Do you need to let the GS stuff set before trying to pop it out? idiot q I know, but thanks in advance!

    1. Yeah man you need to let it set before you pop it out. Who knew you could try alternatively is put the green stuff in the mold and then put the mold in your freezer for about 10 minutes. When the green stuff gets very very cold it becomes very hard but it stops the curing process so you could try to freeze it and then pop it out of the mold and shape though what I try doing that it had relatively mixed results.