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Monday, December 1, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 058++++ Malcador Heavy Tank WIP 1

My local FLGS is planning a 'bring a tank' event in which every player has 250 points to take a single tank in a free for all battle royale. I haven't built any tanks for my renegades army yet, so I decided that I should best get started!

After looking through what supplies I had I found a really old Atlas Tank Recovery Vehicle kit I picked up about 5 years ago. This was never forgeworld's best kit, the boom arm for the winch was a poorly constructed piece and so I never decided to put it together. I only paid $10 for it though so I held onto it hoping to use it for something someday.

I decided to use it was the basis for a Malcador Heavy Tank by chopping the top into two separate pieces to make room for a turret.

The tracks were done rather quickly, it is moving along quite fast so far, though obviously I have a lot of additional detailing still left to do.

More to come on this later, the sides will be an interesting challenge.

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