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Friday, March 13, 2015

++++Inloading Datafile 078++++ Post X-Wing tournament

So turns out that the shop changed the start time for the tournament from 7 PM to 6 PM and there was a communication snafu. As a result I only got in two matches but I still came in third with a buy. I Lost the first match and won the second.

Both matches were against rebels, which I found is pretty much the norm with not many people around here playing Empire. The first match was versus two Hawk-290s with blaster turrets and a Lando Calrissian in the YT 1300. This game can be summarized as "it doesn't matter how well you maneuver and isolate your opponents' ships, bad dice will kill you."

While I did kill both of the Hawks there was a single turn in which I failed all of my evade rolls, I literally rolled 11 blanks that turn and was brought down to just Tcyho and Jake each with only one hull point left. From that point I wasn't able to take down Lando, though I brought him down to 5 hull. I learned quite a bit about the limitations and weakness of the Hawk-290 in this game, it was my first experience fighting them. I kept forgetting that Blaster Turrets are only range 1-2 and so I should have focused on killing the YT-1300 first. Lesson learned.

The second match was versus a vanilla YT-2400, Wedge Antilles, and Ten Numb. I took Wedge down in round three, but he killed Gemmer before he went down. Tycho with push the limit, daredevil, and expiramental interface is just amazing for this as he zipped up the board and was on Wedge's tail on round two! That really got inside my opponent's head.

After that I managed to isolate Ten Numb and kept one A-wing behind him at no matter where he went, after which he went down fast.

For the end game the YT-2400 took me down to just Tycho while it still had 1 shield left. At this point there were about 6 people watching our game and everyone expected Tycho to go down fast. But in the end Tycho managed to finally take it down, being able to focus and evade every turn really helps, and he evaded 4 hits with three Dice a few times. This game was very close but the A's took it.

The overall conclusion from the evening is that the mass A-wing tactic does work, but I always need to try to focus down whatever my opponent's biggest ship his first as once I've fired the Proton Rockets it takes too long to kill any large ships they have, especially with turrets.

I'm thinking of reworking the list again, I picked up another rebel aces so I now have 4 A-Wings to play with.

As for minis expect more stuff soon. I've been working on a unit of Myrmidon Secutors to go with the Archmados Myrmidax, a Ursarax Cohort, and the next two Grimlok pattern Battle-Automata.

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