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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 079++++ Myrmidon Secutors WIP 1.0

First off, this week we hit 30,000 pageviews for this site.  Huzzah!  Thank you all for viewing and providing me with the recognition all of us bloggers crave desperately!!!

Onto today's post.  Here are some in progress shots of my Myrmidon Secutors.  As always these guys are a kitbash using components from a very wide array of sources.  The legs I got off of a friend a few years ago, he had planned to use them for a Grey Knights Paladin squad I believe, but that didn't work out.  I never liked them for marines as the poses are so rigid and awkward, but that makes then ideally suited for Admech cyborgs.

Myrmidon #1
Based on his pose I am thinking he is the squad leader.  He's armed with two Phased Plasma Fusils.

I copied a the basic techniques I saw Dave Taylor use on his Myrmidon's as the basis for these guys, but with my own twists.  While they are still early stages you'll notice that these guys have a lot more overt chaos bits mixed into them, the corruption is starting to sink in I guess.

One major difference with my attempt at these guys is that I decided to really bulk out their power plants with the goal of making them NOT look like terminators will extra arms.  The bits for the powerplants are mostly from old Heavy Gear models that I've had lying around for a long time, mixed in with 40k stuff.

The Heavy Gear torso used to build up the top of the backpack augmetics provides a really great attachment point for the servo arm mounted weapons.  I still need to decide on a good head for this guy though, I am thinking of just doing cowled heads for everyone.

Myrmidon #2
This guy was the original test model, hence the different backpack design.  He's also the closest to being done.  He's armed with a Maxim Boltgun and a Volkite Culverin.

Dragonforge Miniatures Ammo belts are awesome bits and really easy to use too.

I plan to do another pass on the volkite, it needs to be upscaled to fit in with the rest of the squad's weapons.  This guy has been reconverted once already to bring him in line with the improved concepts of the other squad members, so this gun is a leftover that needs to be improved upon. 

The top smoke stack is a direct homage to Dave Taylor's work.

Myrmidon #3
I wanted each of them to be unique in his build, so this guy's thorax mounted weapons are fixed in place instead of mounted on extra arms.  He is also more overtly chaos aligned than the rest of the squad so far.  He is also armed with a Vulkite Culverin and Maxim Boltgun.

The Poweraxe was recycled from the original Myrmidax Archmagos conversion attempt.  That fellow was pretty small in his first draft.

Again those ammo belts are great.  The only down side is that you only get 3 belts per order.

His powerplant comes from a lot of different places.  I think it needs 80% more pipes and tubes!

The Volkite Culverin for this guy was made from a really ancient plasma gun bit.  The Forgeworld Culverins look pretty close to the really old plasma guns if you swap out the barrel, or at least I think so.

Again more chaosy arms.

Myrmidon #4
This guy needs more bulk to his backpack I feel, a smoke stack of big techno doodad on top of it will help out.  Again he's armed with a Maxim Boltgun and Volkite Culverin, the Volkite isn't done.

I started to run out of bionic arms, so his are made from the parts of 4 different bionic arms.

Obviously he is early stages.

Myrmidon #5
Armed with 2 Irad Cleansers

Again as I wanted them all to be visually unique I decided from the get go to make one of them with guns mounted low to the ground.  To solve this I used an old Battletech mini (Appropriately it was a Warhammer using the HORRIBLE new sculpt of that mech)  as the base of the torso.  I also had run out of Deathwing torsos.

as you can see I used the legs from the Warhammer to make really heavy duty lifter arms to mount the Irad Cleansers underslung.  I really like this look, and how the Irad Cleanser itself looks.  It is made from some landspeeder Assault cannons and fuel tanks from a Dreadknight.

This guy is in the VERY early stages, I just started him this morning actually.

That's all for now, I'll show the Ursurax later this week.  And just to throw it out there, yes I am very excited for the upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus releases.  There is actually a lot of precedent for GW releasing new kits of stuff I had just converted, most notably the new Land Raider kit came out about 3 months after I finished converting a Land Raider from a Leman Russ years ago (I was 12-13, give me a break.).

What else should I convert so they make it lol?

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  1. Nice work, What are the Muscled arms on the second guy from?