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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 075++++ Vorax Class Battle Automata WIP 2

It's been a while since I have touched this model, but last weekend I finally played a game with my Dark Mechanicum army, using the rules for the Legio Cybernetica from the Horus Heresy series. I only had about 800 points and hilariously my one battle robot gained sentience and turned on me as the first roll of the game.

The previous iteration of this guy was too small compared with the Forgeworld kit, and it really did not stand up to my standards, so I broke it apart and kept only what I liked from the original attempt.

The basis for the new model is a Juggernaught of Khorne, which combined well with the legs from the earlier attempt.  I added a second rotary cannon and reworked the mounting for the lightning gun, which I still like though it may be too big now.

The look I was aiming for was that of a swift avian predator.  I believe that this was largely successful, but the main areas of concern are the forelimbs and face of the model.  For the head I want it to be more "techno daemon" esk, so I intend to give it a mouth, likely from a Juggernaut head.  The forelimbs I tried to make as preying mantis like blade arms, but I am not sure if the desired effect has been achieved.  My main alternative would be to mount the blades straight forwards off or the forearm, but I would need to remove the extra elbow to achieve this and then they may look too short.

I intent to add a tail and fill out the details on the rear of the robot.

Again I feel like this iteration is about 70% of the way towards the final concept I am imagining in my head, I just need to figure out how to complete it.

Any suggestions on how to improve this conversion are welcome, its turning into a very frustratingly difficult model to achieve.


  1. Sometimes when I get stuck on an idea, it helps to put it down on paper (or digitally if not a paper person). That being said. HOLY )!#($&!@()&@()$@()!)&($!@()!@$ I clicked on this link on bols and was in awe and so excited to see the conversion. It looks awesome!

  2. This stuff is awesome! Love to see an army shot at some point!