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Monday, July 11, 2016

++++ INLOADING DATEFILE 098 ++++ Lots of Truescale Progress

The next batch of Truescales is finished and ready to be primed.  My local shop has a 40k escalation league starting up this coming weekend, so I've been working hard to get enough finished to be able to run my Word Bearers as an army on their own rather than just an ally to my Warp Cult/Renegades army.

The league starts at 500 points so I figure one Legion Tactical Squad, a Chaplain, and a Legion Support Squad with flamers would fill that out pretty nicely.

Batch 2 PICS

Flamer Support Squad

This guy is the first member of my Legion Support Squad armed with flamers.  I'm fully aware that this isn't the most optimal or meta loadout for a support squad, but its the cheapest option and it looks cool.

The Flamer is an ancient one from the old 2nd edition Raptor kit.

This model had some serious issues with his pelvis and legs, I've since improved my technique on this.  I was able to mask the issues but viewed from some angles you can still see the problems.

Legion Tactical Squad

Not too much to say on these guys, making squads of 20 is challenging but fun.  The challenge is to make each one unique.


One great thing about Truescales is that there's actually enough room on the model to fit close combat weapons.



I'm going to replace those horns, the tips being broken off just looks too dumb...




Hellbrute W.I.P.

I started this model when I first conceived this army back in 2012, and the Dreadnought himself was quite straightforward to do. Bulking out the Dark Vengeance Hellbrute model was surprisingly easy to do, the snap together nature of the model allowed me to assemble it while leaving gaps between the various components which I later filled in with green stuff.  The organic possession look of the model makes it easy to fill gaps in.

From the start I decided to make the model armed with 2 dreadnought close combat weapons and to have it be crushing a Ultramarine Legionary in its right hand.  My buddy Sean still played 40k at the time and had a large Ultramarines army, so this was mostly done for his "benefit".  The problem was that making the Ultramarine was SUPER HARD!!!  After a few tries I gave up and the model languished for the last 4 years.  Recently I started the Ultramarine over using my newer techniques, and I managed to get a pose that I liked.

This past weekend I started doing the detail work on him, and he's now nearly finished with 2 sculpting sessions left or so.  Making the fingers for the Hellbrute's hand was a fun challenge,

The big chore that's still left to do is to sculpt the Ultramarine's right hand.  I want him to be dropping his bolter as the life is crushed out of him, but as some of you may have noticed GW is morally opposed to making open right hands for space marines.  Seriously they don't seem to exist.  So I'm going to have to sculpt the hand from scratch, yea!.....

On second thought I'll have him dropping the bolter out of his left hand, that would save a ton of time.  Now I need to figure out what kind of weapon looks good for his right hand, I'm thinking a powersword would be nice, if I add a centurian's crest to the helmet in particular.  We'll see how it turns out.

As always feedback and recommendations are welcome.

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