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Monday, July 4, 2016

+++++INLOADING DATAFILE 096++++ The first batch of Truescales are ready to paint!

After nearly 6 months in storage I finally unpacked my 40k/30k stuff after moving into my new place with my girlfriend.  After working on a few other models, which I'll post about soon, I finally finished all the details on the first 10 Word Bearer's that are now ready for batch painting.  I've already started painting them, I'll upload some pictures once I'm past the super boring base color steps.

Here's what they looked like pre priming.

Missile Launcher Havoc Test Model

I decided to try making some Truescale Heavy Weapons carriers, and this was the first one I went with.  I may have gone overboard with the shear amount of details, there's a lot going on with this guy.  

I had to rework the missile launcher so it would fit on a larger shoulder pad.  When I made this guy the Betrayal at Calth set hadn't been announced yet, so I only had resin weapons to work with.  I hope that it will be easier to make more of these guys using plastic parts.

I decided to equip my Legionaries with close combat weapons as well as their stock armament, and one plus of the increased size of Truescale marines is that its practical to add sheathed weapons to them.  The missile launcher backpack may be unnecessary but it looks cool.

So much going on with this guy, he's a busy model.  I left his left side largely exposed and less cluttered to help balance things out.

Sprinting Legionary

This was one of the early posing tests, he underwent a LOT of iterations until I was satisfied with the running pose.  Now that I have the process down I'm looking forwards to making assault marines.

Again added close combat weapons actually fit on Truescales.  That's always bugged me, GW makes some very cool sheathed weapon bits but almost none of them actually fit on the models they come with!  This sword is from the chaos warriors kit, its almost as tall as the entire model!

Reloading Legionary

This guy was an experiment to make a dramatic "not shooting" pose.  Yes, I am showing off.  He's one of the coolest legionaries so far in my view.

I used the left hand from the Dark Apostle model to hold the magazine, the Chaos prayer beads are a neat thematic bit.

It was actually really challenging to get the pose to look natural, getting that shoulder in the right spot took several tries.


I really love the horned skull helmet from the Dark Vengeance box, but the horns break off too often. This was the 2nd truescale Word Bearer I made, there's a slight flaw to this model in that his pelvis is about 1/8" too low, so he's a little compressed.  It doesn't matter, but it irks me...

Pew pew pew...

See what I mean about the pelvis?  I didn't notice it until I was mostly finished with the model so I ended up just compressing his butt plates to hide it.

The hilt has broken on every chainsword when I cut the hands off for these guys.  I think its because the plastic is super old and has been heated and cooled too many times.

Daemoniac/Aspiring Champion

So this was the very first Truescale I made as a test model back 5 years ago, updated and finished.  I used Huron Blackheart as a base for the model, my methods have come so far since then it really interesting working on him.  He was about a head shorter than the rest of my truescales, which makes sense as he was just the prototype.  I fixed this by extending his abdomen, and I changed he warmer up quite a bit as well.

The sword from the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord looks awesome, but its a real pain to clean it up to be useful on another model.  Makes a great tainted weapon though.  Oh and it you ever need to make a pommel stone for a Chaos Space Marine try using the top knots from a CSM helmet, they work great.

The proportions of the legs are different here, this was the only model I actually sculpted over terminator legs hence the "I need to crap but I'm holding it in" semi-crouch.

Taking photos of white resin pieces really blows...


Hey not everyone gets to be special.  I plan to do more legionaries with this style of kneepads for variety's sake.

You'll notice that some of the first few models I made used plastic parts for their chest plates and loincloths.  Eventually I ran out of Dark Vengeance chosen models to chop up, and its faster to just sculpt my own chest plates and loincloths too.

Autocannon Havoc Test Model

This model is one of the most recent ones that I started, I actually did almost 100% of the work on him this Tuesday in one sitting.

I need to add a holster and a spare ammo drum to him still.

The Dark Apostle and Corephaeus are also in this same paint batch, they'll be in the next post.

Its great to finally be able to work on these guys again!

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