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Friday, February 27, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 074++++ Mechanicum Archmagos Myrmidax WIP 3

Here is an update Panorama of Arch Myrmidax Drevinius Prelt as he is being painted.  On the whole I'm pleased with how he is progressing, let it be knownn that I consider myself to be a decent (read: mediocre) painter at best.  Unlike converting, which comes quickly and naturally to me, painting is much more of a technical process.  Its a chore really, but one which must be done.  On the plus side once it is done the finished product is awesome and really has a soul of its own.

Enough bloviating, onto the model.  I've used the same sort of bronze and steel metallic pallet I've seen used heavily in other's mechanicus armies on the interwebs, its simple to do and looks good.  For the robes I decided on a rusted metal color, so instead of a bright red I used a dark brown base layered up to slighly orangish red.  This will be powdered with weathering powders to really achieve the right color blend, or at least that is the plan.  The flesh was done using a tutorial on how to paint the muscular portions of a hellbrute, he is so pink as I haven't added the final "skin tone" layer yet.  I'll use that layer to cover up the few mistakes that I've made with the metallic paints.

The large white sections are big armor plates, I haven't decided yet whether I want to paint them red or black.  Red would contrast well with other parts of the model, and I could add rust effects to enhance the evilness factor.  Black would truly contrast with the rest of the model and add some darker areas as most of the paint scheme is quite bright and shiny.  As always input is welcome but sadly not expected, no one comments here lol.  Seriously no one, I think I've gotten less than 10 comments in 5 years...

Does anyone even read this blog?

In case anyone was wondering just what his actual size is here he is next to an old Tech Priest model from a number of years ago.  The tech priest actually was my most well painted model in my Imperial Guard army of long ago.  I kept him and his servitors when the buyer of that army didn't want them, I guess it helps show that my skill as a painter has improved over the last few years.  Perhaps I should stop claiming to suck at painting?


  1. I'd leave the final decision on the armor plates until the flesh is finished. At present I'd go with black, simply as the flesh is quite red in tone and so red won't stand out (the red hood is an example on the model). That might change depending on the final look of the skin.

    One possibility might be whatever color you prefer, but try the Ad-Mech cog/crenellations border to provide the contrast with the surrounding area? Might also be worth trying on the hood.

    1. Awesome that is helpful. I hadn't thought of using the cogs as contrast points, that makes sense.