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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 049++++ Truescale Chaos Space Marine WIP 2.3

Ok he is most of the way done now. Lots of work has been done, a quick rundown is:
• The feet are built and ready for detailing
• The torso has been reworked a bit to blend the ribs into the rest of the model
• The mk IV helm has been corrupted and now connects to the tongue
• The shoulder pads have been blended and the screaming daemon face has been integrated
• The stamp molded tabard has been fitted
• The arm posing has been reworked to make the model more dynamically posed
• Lots of small details


The right arm is just pinned on for ease painting, someday...

Gotta connect those pipes!

The next post should have the finished model. The amazing thing is that I have only worked on this guy for about 8-10 hours so far over the course of about two weeks. That's compared to 60+ hours for the original test model from 2012. And the finished model is more detailed and easily dynamically posed as well!

Making the truescale masters is paying off.

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