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Monday, October 20, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 045++++ Truescale Chaos Space Marines WIP 2.1

Here is another quick update for my second Truescale Word Bearer. Having scoured the internet for what the naming conventions for wordbearers are I've settled on Herat'Sul as this fellow's name. Everybody who is a 90% sculpted by me model deserves a name.

Anyways onto the model.

Session 2:

As you can see the model has advanced a bit. I filled in the rubberized joints with some green stuff, posed the arms to be firing a bolter, and add knee and elbow pads.

Here you can see the knee pads. I made them by creating press molds of the really awesome Chaos Chosen models from Dark Vengeance. They are a great source of cool chaos armor bits and chaos tabards, and you can use this method to unify your older 3rd edition Chaos Marine models with your newer 6th edition ones.

As you can see the knee pad is not flush with the underlying armor, this is by design. It will make sense with the next step.

The backplate with its organic tubes fits really well on a truescale marine.

Here is a close up if the elbow pads. I used the knee pad of the bolter armed chosen marine to make them.

Session 3:

Really this was just an hour later, so it's not really another session just the next bit of progress. Anyways I have started blending the knee pads into the shin and made the base layer for the banding of the leg armor plates.

From the side you can see the beginnings of the detail work on the banding. More of those evil arrow bits will follow, I just know from experience not to try and do it all on one sitting, you'll undo your own work with your fingers.

I also started working on finishing the shape for the right arm. I'm still refining the molds and casting methods for the truescale master kit I made, so results vary right now between batches.

Alright I'm tired, let me know what you think of Zealot Herat'Sul here.

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