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Friday, October 31, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 051++++ Imperial Armour 13 reflections and Arch-Heretic 1

So I have just gotten my hands on a digital copy of the Imperial Armour 13: Warmachines of the Lost and the Damned and it is awesome. I actually have a large renegade army which I have never posted pictures of before. It has the following roughly at the moment:
• 60 infantry with 6 autocannons and 6 plasmaguns.
• 2 platoon command squads
• 1 company command squad
• 2 special weapon squads
• 1 veteran squad
• 4 psykers
• 5 priests
• 8 ogryns and 3 hounds

I also have 140 cultists for my chaos space marine army as well.

And I made some test models of mutants but didn't actually go through with making a bunch of them yet as there were no rules.

I plan to make two separate forces. One will be led by a Primaris-Rogue Witch and have be made up of the renegade imperial guard troops. The other will be led by a master of the horde and be made up of the cultists.

With the horde army I will FINALLY be able to make an appropriate fluffy Word Bearers army with hordes of sacrificial cultists flung at the enemy with reckless abandon before my chaos space marines. Dark Apostles are awesome as allies to a L&TD army as they grant Ld 10 to units within 6". I'm excited as CSM cultists are a TERRIBLE unit, even as cheap as they are they are over costed for what they do. With the ability to potentially recycle my units when they die I can make a cool themed force, especially if I get the warlord traits where you score VPs for getting your own units killed.

The other detachment will be a more complete army on its own.

I had an original Lost And The Damned army back in 2002 which I converted for the eye of terror campaign. Model wise it was terrible but it was a ton of fun to play. It was also my fastest ever army in terms of how long it took me to make it, with the entire army converted and painted in just over two months!

Now for some pics, here is my Arch Demogogue for the horde force. He is my favorite character model to date, a Priest of the Ruinous Powers that I have named Kali'Ma.

The base for this model was a wizard from the Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh kit. The head is a Corpse Cart Driver and a skull from some beastmen Kit. The book is from the Empire Flagellants Kit and the chaos stars are mostly made by using a stamp mold I made.

The chest was greenstuffed and while they are hard to see in this picture he has realistic musculature.

The heart was a pure from scratch sculpt that I free handed from memory.

The base model is one of the most dynamically posed cloak wearing models I've ever worked on.

To date I've done about 5 fallen priests that I will use as Enforcers, more will be posted later.

As always let me know what you think of him.

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