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Friday, November 7, 2014

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 052++++ Advanced Tau Battlesuits

I have a friend who has molds of a lot of the Forgeworld tau battlesuits and he gave me a tone of miscasts, I think I have enoughg bits to make around 15 battlesuits. The challenge is that the bits are meant to be made into different model kits, so I have to custom job them together to make things work.

Here we some shots of the first test models I have made.
The battlesuits are supposed to be XV-88 Crisis suits, and every suit will by subtlely different from the others. The great thing about using just forgeworld components is just how posable the final model winds up being.

As you can see I had to fill in a bunch of gaps in the basic model for things to work right.

I intend to sell the finished kits once I have them done, if anyone is interested in them let me know.

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