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Friday, February 6, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 067++++ Dark Eldar Revenant Titan WIP 3

ITS DONE!!!!!!!!!!

I feel the need to scream that from the roof tops.  At long last my Everest has been climbed, this guy is ready to be sent off to my friend Wayne for some pro-grade paint!  This project took me way longer than I planned, mostly because I hit a slump working on it and stalled out for about 4 months trying to figure out how to do the special effects.  Now onto the photos!!!

Here is the final pose fully assembled.  I may repose it ever so slightly as the torso isn't quite twisted enough for my tastes to really achieve the "action pose" I was aiming for all along.  You can see the billowing smoke clouds from the wrecked Shadowsword, they are made using foliage strips hardened with watered down PVA glue and glued onto a wire frame to achieve the right shape.  They look weird while green, so here is a black in white photo for a better view.

As you can see once they are painted these things will look appropriately smokey.  Its a challenging technique to use on this scale, but I am sorely tempted now to make blast markers with actual explosions on them.  The explosions will of course be flinging Heretics into the air like ragdolls.

There was a bunch of final detailing needed for the head, mostly to fill in visible gaps that resulted from my reshaping the faceplate.

I need to do one final clean up pass on those parts next to pilot's head so that they are even.  I'll try to disguise the top magnet while I'm at it.

 I tried for a long while to make the original peg that secures the faceplate while its open and shut work, but the piece was broken off when I got the original model.  This guy was in rough shape to begin with.  So in the end I just gave up and magnetized it.  Its a touch unsightly, but its functional and that's what's important.

On Monday I'll take this guy by my local FLGS to take some high quality photos of him on tabletop, then he goes into a box with a LOT of packing peanuts and gets sent off!

So what do you think of him?

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