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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 069++++ Skitarii Hypaspist Test Models

So I have mentioned in the past that I have an Adeptus Mechanicus army, repeatedly in fact, but I have never really posted pictures of any finished models from it.  That changes now!!!!

The army is of course themed around the Dark Mechanicum, but I wanted to create more of a "We are evil because good is illogical" visual style rather than the "Oh goodie, my input/output dataport just grew another tentacle" visual style I've seen for most dark mechanicum armies.  The goal being that in a pinch I would like to be able to use them as a Loyalist Adeptus Mechanicus army for campaigns locally, as there is talk of a Imperium vs Orks campaign being in the works.

Here is a test model I did to make a Skitarii Hypaspist, which is essentially a lower order Skitarii warrior with excellent equipment but little in the way of cybernetics.  I was directly inspired by Manus over at 
Forge Mechanicus for their design.  Here is my take on these guys.

I started off with a Bretonian Man'At'Arms but discovered that these guys have very annoying sleeves and they are on a slightly smaller scale to most 40k models, their boots are tiny!  So I chopped off the main parts I wanted to use, namely the robed legs and the neck guard of the torso and slapped a Cadian Guardsman's torso between them.  This took a bits of trimming down on the Cadian obviously.  Once I had the neck guard in place I entirely redid the chest and abdomenal armor to fit in with the "layered plate" visual style most Mechanicus models have traditionally had.  Due to the aforementioned difference in scale with the Man'At'Arms I added layered plates to the hips to bulk them out, and then used green stuff to blend the join between the torso and legs.

From this point I essentially just added Scion bits to make the complete model.  I intend to "tech up" the backpack a bit more, and I may alter the gun similarly to how Adam Wier over at Between My Bolter And Me did for his scions.  I do like the tubes though, the Adeptus Mechanicus is all about those tubes.  Oh yeah, and he needs to be chaos'-ified as well.

The boots are from some old Catachan's I've had lying around for a long time.  I think they blend the model together well, although this particular guy's pose is a bit stiff and mechanical.  Not a bad thing for admech though! 

What do you guys think?

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