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Saturday, February 21, 2015

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 070++++ Darkmagi WIP

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Continued from last post here are pictures of some magi from my Dark Mechanicum Army.  It was my intention for their corruption to be less a matter of obvious mutation and more one of corrupted logic and geniune evil.

The first model I ever converted for this army was done using the much malined Warpsmith model as a base.  Personally I love aspects of the model, the main issue is purely a matter that the resin is SO TERRIBLE that it is a nightmare of breaking and bending pieces.  The Axe is pinned heavily and yet it still bends!  Rant aside I used a spare head and shoulder bit from some old blightwheel models I got second hand, these amusingly have the opposide problem in that their resin is so hard that it breaks when you try to cut it.

  The left arm comes from an old Servitor model, and the haft of the axe was made by chopping up a kroot rifle and adding a servo claw.  It worked so well what  I intend to do other staffs this same way.

The right arm is a very reworked blightwheel bionic arm.  The arm was originally holding a firearm, I cut that away and was able to make a pointing finger easily thanks to the softness of the metal.  I then bulked out the arm a bit so that it would visually blend with the other arm better.

While the smoke stacks are very cool, the rest of the backpack of the stock Warpsmith looked poorly done to me, so I altered it to appear more like a stock CSM backpack.

This guy still needs a lot of touch ups, I first made him about 3 years ago as a proof of concept model.  You can see that the cable cape dosent entirely blend together right, but some extra cables will solve that.  As for the broken cables I intend to add some sort of weapon or tool on a substantially shorter tube than the original model had, they look cool but are so just too easy to break.

Now onto a much more recent conversion, this fellow is based off of a Republic Raider Exo-Mech from Anvil Industries.  I removed the helmet and used part of a Wolf Scout head and added a hooded cowl to create a face very akin to much of the magos artwork I have seen over the years.  The three toed feet look great for a Magi, I just had to cover up the feet of the guy in the suit to make them look like armored cybernetic limbs instead of a suit. 

The axe uses an old Thunderhammer bit as its base, I believe it was from the ancient 3rd edition Iron Hands conversion set.  The bottom of the staff is from an Ungor spear, I plan to replace the spear tip with a tool.  The axe itself was designed to look very much like the axe from the Warpsmith kit, it was suprisingly easy to do just using layered plasticard.  I added a warp vane from a Warp Talon jump pack for some cool 'technodoodads'.

I don't get why just because they are evil Warpsmiths lose their servo arms, so this fellow has one.

Trying to unify them visually I added a cloak of cables like the Warpsmith has.  Its surprisinly tough to blend this into the rest of the model properly, but it will look better once its finished.

 To me it looks as though the cables are absorbing the legs rather than hanging like a cloak.  The thing is that this is what they really would do, I mean just think of how impractical this kind of a cloak would be, you'd be tripping over yourself constantly.

In the interest of avoiding 20 page long posts I'll post pics of more Hypaspists later today.

Two bits of news, first The Autoforge has now officially been added to the BOLS ALLIANCE tab, hopefully that will bring more viewers in.  Second, my state activation with the National Guard has been extended through the 25th, yea...

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