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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 017++++ Khemrian Giant Conversion

Ok, here is a teaser for an upcoming article I'll be doing for Bell of Lost Souls about my Khemrian Giant conversion.

The current extremely old bone giant model is a piece of crap and doesn't in any way fit in with the current Tomb King's miniatures line.  This is my take on what a modern bone giant would look like bringing him on par with the rest of the miniature range.

The base for the torso comes from the Necrosphinx model, but when I was test fitting I decided that the original torso and arms were dramatically too small for him, as they'r approximately ogre sized.  The front legs from the same model worked perfectly for arms though, so after a lot of repositioning and green stuff work the upper body looked pretty spot on.

You can see the crap ton of green stuff that it took to rework the torso, the big smooth stone portion around the lower back was neccessary to fill in holes left from chopping up and repositioning the necrosphinx kit.

Once I had the torso done I needed a set of legs to go with it, so I purchased a big stone giant model from a different range.  After putting the two halves together it was immediately apparent that the legs did not work at all.  So I sculpted over the whole thing remaking the legs entirely, actually the only part of the lower body that I didn't completely rework was the small bit of exposed metal skirt.  The sandals were a bit of a compromise as by this point I had spent around 20 hours working on him and I figured that they worked will with the calf armor.

I decided that for this one I would arm him with a Great Weapon, as the ridiculously high strength is appealing, he just negates 1+ saves!  Plus his initiative sucks anyways.  This also gives the option of counting it as a totem allowing him to be used as a Hierotitan instead of a Bone Giant.

The Weapon itself was just the two scythe arms from the necrosphinx filed down and assembled together (WAY harder to actually do than I just made it sound.  This was an extremely frustrating part of the process and I almost threw it out more than once.)  The haft comes from an old Lord of Change staff that happened to just be lying in my bits box.

So many minor small details later and we have the finished awesomeness seen above.

Oddly this guy is available for purchase, I don't actually play tomb kings myself.  I think I'll put him up on ebay once the article for bell goes up, though if anyone wants to make offers just email me.

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