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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 020++++ 4 days to Templecon

First off, sorry for the lack of updates of late.  Between starting a new job and prepping for Templecon I have had to put most of my projects on hold for the moment.

We are currently at T minus 4 days and counting down quick till Templecon kicks off.  I'm going to be playing in the two day fantasy Grand tournament, its been ten years since I last played in a GT (And yes I'm only 26.) so this should be a blast.  The one downside is that all armies must be fully painted (3 color standard), so I have 4 days to fit in getting 130 models up to standard!!!  So far I'm on track to get it done, and I'll probably post some pictures as I go.

I'm bringing a close combat based Empire Army.  Its great fun to play and EXTREMELY effective vs most builds.  Plus there is that added benefit that most opponents have no idea what to do against an Empire army that charges full steam at them with 100 str 5 models and 40 str 4 models.  I usually am able to completely shut the magic phase down for my opponent with priests and almost the whole army is some combination of ld 10, stubborn, or unbreakable!  My main weakness is armies with an overabundance of anti-infantry shooting, but I still have over a 65% win average with this army.  Here is my list as it currently stands.

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