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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

++++INLOADING DATAFILE 019++++ WIP Upcoming project

So here is an in progress first look at an upcoming project I'm doing for a company.  This guy is just the test model so far, actually he's the first 100% sculpted from scratch model that I've done in about two years, coming along pretty well so far.

I'll try to finish the torso tomorrow, not sure how long it will take till they are all ready but the job is to make a complete line of conversion parts compatible with comparable parts from existing games, aka: 40k.  Been an added challenge but the torso and legs both match up quite well with the Cadian torso and legs.  The visual theme is to make a "resistance fighter" type infantry set, so the rifle will be themed on an AK 47 when I start on it.

As for the model himself, actually an easy sculpt so far.  Proud of the face, first time sculpting a 100% my own face so its a major milestone for me.  As for the rest, I did sketches to work out the customer's design and after approval started work, you know how it goes.

More pics on a few things tomorrow, been a busy day.

Addendum:: So looking at the pictures of this guy has confirmed what I have been considering for a while now, I really need to get a higher resolution digital camera.  My current one just can't produce high enough quality pictures on this scale and is a pain in the butt to focus right.

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